Issue 6: Singapore

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    • Issue 6: Singapore

      Make a reservation in advance to experience Taiwanese-born chef André Chiang’s “octaphilosophy,” a prix fixe encompassing eight distinct culinary expressions: Unique, Texture, Pure, Terroir, Salt, South, Memory and Artisan. A meal at the intimate 19th-century Chinatown terrace house is considered among the best in Asia, if not the world. Gorgeously plated food nods to Chiang’s 14 years of classical French training, exemplified in “Memory,” a beautiful dish of foie gras and truffles.

    • Hainanese chicken rice from Tian Tian. Photograph by Wai Kay Photography
      Slow-cooked egg with bone marrow in citrus dashi. Photographs by Wai Kay Photography
      Wagyu carpaccio.
      A cook preparing beef for service.
      Whiskey sour.
      Tomatoes, romaine and smoked bacon vinaigrette. Photographs by Wai Kay Photography
      Cod with summer beans.
      The glamorous interior of DB Bistro.
      Formal dinnerware.
      • Issue 6: Singapore

        We love a place with a ten-course tasting menu and a cocktail pairing option. Tippling Club has been named one of the world’s best bars by many publications, and is as lovely a place for an afternoon drink as it is for a fine dinner. Drinks are classified under sour, sweet, spice or dry, so pick your poison appropriately: the Rhum Diaries mingles rum agricole with Lillet Blanc, cucumber, manuka honey and mint, and is filed under sweet-sour. (We file it under “delicious.”) Though the dress code is casual, particularly in the daytime, this sort of molecular gastronomy makes it worth dressing up for dinner.

        • Issue 6: Singapore

          After roaming around the city and eating your body weight in hawker fare, it’s refreshing to walk into a proper sit-down eatery. ODP shares a chef, Ryan Clift, with Tippling Room, but the food here is more casual—eclectic European fare in an urban-rustic setting. Look for comfort food like braised beef cheek and a knockout apple crumble, but know the beef might have mochi potatoes as a side, and that prawn cocktail comes with a whipped rose sauce. Such tweaks on tradition accurately summarize Singapore itself, and make for a good bookend to your time here.