DIY Style Tips for Refurbished Bikes

With a whimsical wind of inspiration and a little elbow grease – your once rusty, cobweb-covered bicycle is all shiny and new. The problem is your refurbished bike has a fresh coat of paint and new tires but lacks curb appeal. Recapture the glory days and bring on the bling with these few DIY style tips guaranteed to make your heart sing and the road rise to meet you!

Vintage Chic

DIY Bike Basket from Streamers of Stardust

When it comes to bicycles of yesteryear – nothing says “vintage” more than a front-mounted basket.

For ladies, it’s a must-have for taking along your favorite furry-friend or for toting that spur-of-the-moment wine & cheese picnic to go. A few fun DIY basket ideas include attaching an old wood-crate, knitting a basket, strapping on a fabric-lined sewing basket or simply gluing on colorful fabric on the outside of an old bicycle basket. This flower basket DIY tutorial by Streamers of Stardust is also simple and cute.

Men – add style and functionality with a vintage style saddle bag. You can make your own with an old army canvas bag. With a few design changes, scissors and a thread and a needle – you can turn any throw-away find into the perfect saddle bag to satisfy your taste.


DIY Bike Water Bottle Holder Tutorial from Lovely Crafty Home
If you are going to be riding your refurbished bike for any length of time – you will want to stay well hydrated. Some of the new plastic holders may not fit the style of your leisure-refurbished bikes.

DIY with a tin can (preferably square for your FIJI Water bottle) a drill or hammer and a bike mount or wire. Love this tutorial from Lovely Crafty Home.

“Brrrrrrr”fect Ride

Crochet Bike Seat Tutorial from And Sew We Craft

When the temperature drops, it’s still fun to bundle up, hop on your bike and feel the brisk breeze blow through your hair. While your bicycle doesn’t know it may be cold outside – it still could use a sweater. Help keep warm and comfy with this DIY colorful crochet bike seat from And Sew We Craft.

Bling Your Bell

DIY Bike Bell from Idle Wife

Now that your old bike is whistling a new tune – add the final note with a cool bicycle bell like this one from Idle Wife that demands to be heard and seen!

Sand-off the old rusty color and spray on a base coat of shiny gold or silver spray paint. After completely dry – make a design with a few strips of tape over the bell. Paint the remaining exposed sections with bright colors, let dry, peel off tape and check out your new attention-grabbing, colorful “bell of the ball,” or at least the neighborhood.

Just a few quick DIY tricks and your refurbished bike goes from geek to chic! Now hop on your bike and enjoy the summer!